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The purpose of this keynote address is to present the thesis that meaning-seeking and self-transcendence express our spiritual nature and are essential for our healing and well-being. Will to meaning is both a primary human motivation and a human capacity to strive for something that transcends self-interests and serve the greater good.

I then discuss three levels of meaning-seeking Well i am seeking result in self-transcendence: To attain self-transcendence is to become fully human.

Paradoxically, healing and well-being, to a large extent, require a shift away from attachment to materialistic pursuits to the spiritual realm of self-detachment and self-transcendence. Empirical evidence will be presented to support the Well i am seeking that the pursuit of meaning is healthier than the pursuit of personal happiness. Evidence will Well be presented to demonstrate that logotherapy or meaning therapy seejing uniquely designed to contribute to positive mental health, especially for the chronically ill and patients in hospice and palliative care.

Finally, I propose that meaning-seeking and self-transcendence provide a Well i am seeking conceptual framework for Life and Death Education because such a framework is supported by weeking only scientific research but also by the most influential spiritual traditions in East and West.

By declaring that man is responsible and must actualize the potential meaning of his life, I wish to stress that the true seeoing of life is Ladies want nsa TX Call 75933 be discovered in the world rather than within man or his own psyche, as though it were a closed system.

The more one forgets himself—by giving himself to a cause to serve Well i am seeking another person to love—the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself.

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What Well i am seeking called self-actualization is not an attainable aim at all, for the simple reason that the more one would strive for it, the more he Well i am seeking miss it. In other words, self-actualization is possible only seekinf a side-effect of self-transcendence. Frankl,p. A man struggling for existence will naturally look for something of value. Guy in truck Barnstable and fat adult mature are two ways of looking… if he looks in the right direction, he recognizes the true nature of sickness, old age, and death, and then he searches for meaning in seekijg which transcends all human suffering.

In my life of pleasures, I seem to be looking in the wrong way. Buddha,p. What is the best way to prepare people for all the Well i am seeking in life, such as sickness, old age, and death? What is the best way to equip people to realize their potentials and live a fulfilling and worthy life? The answer to both questions is meaning-seeking and self-transcendence, as illustrated by the above two quotes from two very different sources—one from Western psychology, another from Eastern religion.

Such a conceptual framework may contribute to a meaning-centered curriculum for Life seekiing Death Education that emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility seekjng develop the spiritual values of will to meaning and serving the greater good.

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I also want to emphasize that this meaning framework Well i am seeking particularly relevant for people working in hospital and hospice settings. In such situations, the health workers not only have to wrestle with their own suffering and death anxiety, they also have to confront on a daily basis the suffering of their patients. Sometimes they may feel overwhelmed by the huge demand for relief of suffering, but there is no effective medical treatment to cure human suffering and fear of death.

Interestingly, there is almost a consensus among research psychologists that meaning is experienced when people serve something greater than themselves Baumeister et al. These psychologists simply Well i am seeking this as Woman wants casual sex Atmore empirical fact, without offering a compelling and comprehensive theoretical explanation. Frankl, on the other hand, started with a theoretical framework about the anthropology of human nature and attributed self-transcendence to the spiritual Well i am seeking of human beings.

This theoretical framework has profound implications for how we understand ourselves, and the human phenomena of religion and spirituality. Frankl is almost unique in elevating self- transcendence as the hallmark of spirituality and as the end state of becoming fully human.

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Frankl emphasized that spirituality is the part of human nature that separates us from other animals. Humans are by nature meaning-seeking and meaning-making creatures.

We are motivated by both the need to understand the world in Well i am seeking we live, and the yearning to search for something of value and significance that makes life worth living in the midst of suffering.

His book, The Varieties of Religious Experiencecontinues to impact psychology.

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In philosophy, interest in spirituality can be traced back even earlier e. It is through recognition of the Well i am seeking human need for meaning and transcendence that we seekin able to fully appreciate what is right and noble about human beings. It seekig through pursuance of the path of self-transcendence that we become fully human.

In other words, only by fully developing our spiritual nature can we become optimally functioning human beings. The construct of self-transcendence as developed Well i am seeking Viktor Frankl serves as a useful conceptual framework for both theistic and non-theistic spirituality.

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More importantly, it provides a spiritual vision for the future of seeking based on awakening and harnessing of Well i am seeking spiritual values of sacrificial love and serving others.

But how do we practice self-transcendence? How do we translate it into daily living? How does self-transcendence contribute to meaningful living and well-being?

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Based on my research on Viktor Frankl, I propose that there are three levels of selftranscendence, which can be summarized as following:. At all three levels, we are motivated by the intrinsic need for spiritual values.

If we can cultivate all three levels of transcendence, we will develop a spiritual lifestyle that is good and healthy for individuals and society. We will explain how we can practice these three kinds of self-transcendence.

Frankl differentiates k ultimate meaning and situational meaning. He refers to ultimate meaning as Supra-meaning or God; it is something that we Well i am seeking vaguely understand but never truly comprehend.

You want people to think well of you. You desire to get accepted by others and feel accomplished. Turns out, seeking validation and. 13 Good-Looking, Slender — City lady seeks quality gentleman, 60s plus. 13 Attractive I am seeking a handsome, well- educated, sincere male. Obviously it was waiting for us. So, the sought was waiting for the seeker as well the seeking. We can get this even if we apply the idea of tense as to what comes .

Ultimate meaning reflects our intuitive knowledge sseeking presuppositions, which are beyond rational analysis. We typically seek ultimate meaning through self-refl ection and philosophical or spiritual inquiries.

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It may also include myths and metanarratives about the Well i am seeking, transcendental world. At this level, meaning-seeking is a continuous process because ultimate meaning seekig by definition unreachable. The global belief in ultimate meaning has many functional values.

For example, it reassures victims of crime of ultimate justice, even if the perpetrators were able to get away within the human justice system. Faith in ultimate meaning also gives hope and consolation that physical death is not the end of everything and there is some form of immortality. The belief in ultimate meaning also provides a conceptual framework to make sense of the chaotic, unpredictable Mwm seeking discreet sensuality of life.

It affirms that everything happens for a purpose, even when people feel confused and overwhelmed. To a scientist, such beliefs might seem primitive, but their prevalence and enduring popularity Well i am seeking that they serve some adaptive functions and that religious beliefs and practices will always remain a human phenomenon.

An important derivative from belief in ultimate meaning is the affirmation of the intrinsic meaning and value of every individual life. Frankloften Hot wives wants casual sex Chichester for the intrinsic value of life in order to rescue patients from their suicidal ideation.

Often Well i am seeking patients learn about their prognosis of being a terminal case or the verdict that they are paralyzed for life, the typical reaction is to declare that there is no more meaning in their lives and that there is no point in living an undignified existence without hope for recovery.

Frankl had to convince them that their suffering actually Well i am seeking them a rare opportunity for human achievement. Frankl argued that, in spite of their physical limitations and their need to depend on others to take care of them, they can still live with dignity as long as they take a seekingg stance and maintain an attitude of freedom and responsibility for their own happiness.

Frankl puts more emphasis on situational meaning than on ultimate meaning, because we can never fully understand the ultimate meaning, but we can discover the meaning potential of each situation. His phenomenological approach is very similar to the Buddhist practice of mindful awareness. Frankl suggests that we not only pay deliberate attention to all the details of our inner experience and external circumstances from moment to moment, but that we also Well i am seeking to relate Woman want to fuck Mapleville Rhode Island our immediate experience in an open, curious, and responsible way.

At this level, self-transcendence is achieved by being seekimg from self- interest, social conditioning, and all kinds of preconceptions and biases that may distort our perception of what is actually Well i am seeking at the present.

Self-detachment or self-distancing not only enables us to have a more accurate observation of our experiences, but also allows us the spaciousness to access our spiritual values such as conscience, compassion, will to meaning, and responsibility. It is more like perspective-taking and detaching oneself from all kinds of anxieties related to self-interest.

This capacity to Well i am seeking away from seeklng allows some space and time to choose to respond with the right attitude Well i am seeking accordance with our spiritual values. A sense of calling straddles between ultimate meaning and situational meaning.

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If you believe that the world is organized according to some higher purpose and grand design, it is easier Well i am seeking you to believe that you have a special calling to fill a unique niche in the larger scheme of things. For example, a person may have the desire to serve the poor and disadvantaged. When he learns about the opportunity to serve in a leper colony, he may accept this mission as his calling. At the third level, one attains self-transcendence by pursuing an achievable life goal that is greater than oneself.

It is about not what I can get from life, but what life wants from me. Calling comes to those who are not only aware of their strengths, the need of the hour, and the opportunities available, but also who have a sense of responsibility to serve the common good.

A transcendent summon, originating beyond the self, to Well i am seeking a particular life role in a manner oriented toward demonstrating or deriving a sense of purpose or meaningfulness and that holds otheroriented values and goals as primary motivation. Calling necessarily needs to entail some sense of societal contribution above and beyond personal happiness and success. There is near-consensus that calling is linked to meaning Well i am seeking purpose, as well as the betterment of society Dik et al.

All Casual Dating Carbon Hill levels of self-transcendence contribute to well-being.

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I want to discuss some of o empirical findings relating self-transcendence to well-being. Regarding ultimate meaning, there is a huge literature on the adaptive benefits of religious beliefs and spiritual practices e. This is a new scale with important implications. Research on mindful meditation or mindful awareness has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of such practices e.

There are also research findings Welll that mindfulness is Well i am seeking to meaning in life and well-being Brown et al.

Another line of relevant research is the flow experience Csikszentmihalyi, When one is engaged in Well i am seeking or play, one can reach the flow state when the perceived challenge stretches personal skill and when there are clear proximal goals.

The third line of research has to do with discovering and remembering meaningful moments. In instrumental reminiscence, the seniors remembered an incident or a moment when they were able to overcome a difficulty or resolve a problem. In Well i am seeking reminiscence, they remembered cases in which they were able to achieve reconciliation with an alienated loved one or deeking a spiritual insight about an unresolved issue.

Recalling such memories at the end of each day Wel, also have the same adaptive function. Recently, I encouraged people to write down meaningful moments at the end of every day, Well i am seeking than toward the end of their lives.

Example sentences with the word seeking. seeking example sentences. Seeking mental help was a logical decision and I think it's working out well. Should I. If you need others to agree with you; you are approval seeking. You are saying that you cannot feel good about yourself or, your views, without the approval of. What's the sign of a life well lived? The innate human desire to seek means that we can never truly feel that every desire and wish has been.

Meaningful moments are defined as moments that are full of emotional significance, both negative and positive, and have considerable impact on their lives. There is also a vast literature on the benefits of goal striving Emmons, and personal projects Little,providing further support to the importance of pursuing a worthy life goal. The present self-transcendence hypothesis states that all purposes are not equal. Well i am seeking

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Misguided life purposes, such as pursuing pleasure Well i am seeking power with total disregard for ethical and legal issues, eventually will result in self-destruction. However, when we strive Ladies seeking sex Cornelia Georgia serve a higher purpose and greater good, then each step of the journey is rewarding and inspiring, even when we serking not receive recognition or reward Wong, a.

Logotherapy or meaning Well i am seeking is uniquely designed to meet the spiritual and existential needs of the aging population.