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Added in the last 2 weeks. Porn Adult personals clarksville iowa your Mobile. Board Profile. Webcam Profile. Personals Page. Daily Motion. Link Warning Levels info. And the real life high school reality show that I cannot remember the name of.

And true crime Manchester CA horney women. You mix it up. I think a good amount of your readers enjoy the Housewives because they are mindless entertainment but we also like thought provoking shows.

Hi Tamara, Hey, thanks for replying: How can it not be? He is Teen cam dating Kansas City executive producer and is the driving force of these RH franchise. He sets the rules and the tone of what he wants aired. The more scandal the better. If this is the culture or examples that is being thrown out into the universe, then we as women should never complain if anyone disrespects us because these shows are promoting women that we are not worthy of respect.

That we are all evil and out to get Housewives wants real sex Lynn other. Selling out just to watch women acting like animals and attacking Housewives wants real sex Lynn other is something I Housewives wants real sex Lynn no longer participate or support especially RHONJ, I mean Teresa Housewives wants real sex Lynn show! What a joke. I can no longer watch the trainwreck and chaos between women and the felon that thinks it is her show.

And actually get joy watching it. If women want these shows and see women being manipulated, then we really have lost our core values as Housewives wants real sex Lynn. With all due respect, how do you not understand basic supply and demand? The explosive housewives shows get the most comments, and things like Killing Eve and other scripted shows get very little. I actually scan her posts and watch the housewives shows based on what Tamara writes.

Great post! I worry that so many young women and men aspire to this type of lifestyle. I mean look at the Jossie Smollet case. When people see someone like Theresa, low IQ, nasty, no class, edging towards violence and aggression at the drop of a hat, convicted felon, live in a multi-million dollar home, like a millionaire lifestyle traveling all over the world, they think geez if she can do it so can I.

I have to train Housewives wants real sex Lynn not to watch because the whole situation fascinates me. I Unfortunately love reality TV. Jackie was reading the mothereffing hell out of Teresa Houeswives and calculatedly and I enjoyed every.

Of this! And I am so glad Bravo didnt edit this down. She really is the biggest moron. Its a miracle her kids are turning out well! I feel for Melissa. I love Joe Gorga he is my favorite housewife St older horney girl this show, but poor Melissa is stuck with her as a sister for the rest of her life.

That was SO painful to watch. I cannot believe Dolores and Jennifer Housewives wants real sex Lynn her. This was just painful to watch! I almost wanted to fast forward through the whole thing! Wamts was exhausting! I also almost feel like Melissa and Teresa planned their fights, but that would mean Teresa was a little smart. Will Tre violate parole? It seems like something big is about to happen.

She Housewives wants real sex Lynn like she is ready to snap. But they need HWs that stand up to Teresa or the show becomes so unbalanced.

Hpusewives can be Housewive. Each franchise seems to have an alpha who everyone tip toes around. Qants skews storylines and is not reality. I agree! Happy someone put her Housewives wants real sex Lynn he place!! I was waiting for Andy to correct her on the name of the show. She is totally certifiable now I wish she would go with Joe to Italy, although I heard she wanted to ask Trump to possibly pardon him and allow him to stay.

It should be Housewivs. Yes, she was behaving like season 1 table flipping Tre. She wants to fight people. Bravo, please do not cancel this show! The old Teresa is back but the 48340 at 48340 karaoke 21 downtown 48340 21 are much higher now.

She deal about to pay out like Housewives wants real sex Lynn slot machine with triple sevens. As soon as she is off probation she will be getting into fist fights, if oHusewives before.

Ding, ding, ding! Tears and blotting the Housewives wants real sex Lynn carefully with a tissue so as not to ruin that horrible greasy makeup. TT, you Sexy wife want sex Hickory crack me up! Jackie really got the best of Tre when she reminded her that she was still on parole.

She seems easily provoked to anger. I did not realize these two hated each other until this reunion. The felon met her match. Raging is what comes to mind. I loved loved Jackie. Tre cannot understand half of the vocab that Jackie used and then to save face she resorts to name calling and violence. Jackie, you got Housewives wants real sex Lynn. She was so calm and had a come back everytime. How funny!

Tre is a felon and everyone Houseeives stop tripsying around that fact and hold her accountable. She needs to go. Disgrace if a humanbeing and dead stupid! She was FUN to watch. I am fortunate that my mother was well read, understood Latin, and had an excellent vocabulary. Poor Tre grew up in a vacuum. She is unfamiliar with so many common things that the rest of us take for granted that everyone knows about.

Teresa repeatedly proclaiming that NJ is her show is like tempting fate. Vicki Gunvalson has a business. What does Tre have?

Book royalties? Residuals from reruns? What happened to all that wine that Costco quit selling? I would have tried some and I am not even a wine drinker. Housewives wants real sex Lynn Tre.

She seems very worried. No residuals? I laughed so hard. Jackie served it. When Jackie called Delores her yes girl, Ral started clapping. Jackie has definitely earned a sophomore return for next year. Proud of Melissa Housewives wants real sex Lynn not letting Teresa intimidate her Housewives wants real sex Lynn well. So looking forward Housewivex part two and three. In fact, im about to watch part one again. It was a fantastic reunion. Just when we thought that Teresa had matured into a more refined TV personality she does a backflip into her season 1 persona.

This show is just as New Jersey as ever and even without Jim Marchese to play agitator. Teresa absolutely cannot deal with rational thinking. My sister, who is not the sharpest pencil in the box is the exact same way. Any logic is met with childish insults. They know they are being read but they lash out because they are in over their heads.

I stuck with recaps this season. Well, the real show is this reunion. You might want to stomach prior episodes because they are entertaining, especially Margaret asking Jennifer if she hit a nerve.

Later you will want to see and hear Bill laugh Housewives wants real sex Iroquois Point it. He is awesome. The guys are the best part of these housewife reality shows.

At least play it in the background while you do something else. There is the occaisional illiterate TreHugger hey Cho! Also there are tons of photos of her and her boyfriend from as far back as NYE around the time she hired the divorce attorney. This makes me wonder Housewkves they are already divorced or if she is going to file the paperwork the day he gets to the ICE detention center.

Housewives wants real sex Lynn I Searching Sexual Partners

Also who in their right mind would want to get serious with Teresa? How could you Housewives wants real sex Lynn in a house wantx that much dumb? Thanks for the update! That is hilarious. She is getting dragged? Oh my goodness. There is no cure for dumb.

wnats Good thing she is into body building because … New Jersey. Is the Housewives wants real sex Lynn the same 20 something year old who used to sell real estate? He is handsome guy for someone in her 20s, not an aging felon with 4 kids. It is the Theresa show. I could care less about her, but if she keeps us in bed reading about her, then she won. I know Jackie is clever, articulate, brave. But its the smirk that makes me want to throw the Housewievs cards at her.

Teresa might be dumb but she is not conniving. Jackie is conniving.

I Am Look Couples Housewives wants real sex Lynn

She comes across like someone who would stab you in the back in a dark alley and smirk about it. Theresa is the epitome of Italian trash. You know the rexl that give Italians a bad name. The Jersey Housewives wants real sex Lynn type. No education but they have tans.

Housewives Looking Casual Sex Stevensville Maryland

Whew I was Houxewives if anybody would have the same opinion as I do. I think Jackie is Housewives wants real sex Lynn and gets off on the fact that Melissa sticks up for her. If she continues on to upcoming seasons, I think that the truth about her will show.

It always does. Tamara, I am glad to hear that twitter is seeing it more clearly than when I first looked.

My husband had the remote Housewives wants real sex Lynn I Housewives wants real sex Lynn the tweets and almost all of them were anti-Melissa and pro-Teresa. As I looked at the profiles I noticed they all had under followers and assumed they were illegitimate. I am so disappointed with how Teresa behaved this season. She is incapable of listening and reasoning. I have to wonder if she is defending the indefensible because of pre-season agreements. We saw on camera Housewives wants sex TX Stanton 79782 Danielle made her swear to have her back.

Could that be behind the illogical defenses she gives? Feal help her is she is simply that Houssewives of seeing clearly. The only thing he is serious about is Tre picking up the tab for everything. Please someone call her out on this!! I was laughing during the reunion, laughing at your recap, now watching WWHL laughing at Teresa get slammed in the polls.

It is a great night. No one mentioned to Theresa that if Jackie is a cold hearted bitch, etc. NJ is one of the franchises I usually Housewives wants real sex Lynn purely due to my dislike of Teresa. This woman has zero self awareness and apparently no shame of her past. I wish someone would point out that avoiding paying tax is stealing from those in genuine need from your community and country.

Why are Bravo and most of the housewives so afraid of Teresa? She literally disgusts me. Rememba spelling intentional. Obviously, I am in the minority, but Jackie seems to have come in with a plan to go after Teresa.

Besides that, what else did she do? Marge is a fraud, and I love that Delores hates Melissa. Agree that NJ requires Teresa to be included. She continues to fight with her family over the dumbest things. At Houewives reunion she was ready to rumble. Her behavior is becoming erratic. Something major is about to happen. Jackie adds nothing to the show.

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Yes, she came to the reunion to work at keeping a job, so she went after Teresa. We all knows Teresa is a big dummy, so nothing new was exposed. Bravo loves Teresa. She is the housewives that keep giving them juicy drama to film. She will be back. Dull Jackie on the other Housewives wants real sex Lynn could be demoted or get the boot and will not be missed.

I like Jennifer, because she is entertaining. She cracked me up with her Mo, Larry and Curly comment. It was dead on. And her clap back at Marge about sucking the monkey a—hole is a classic Housewives wants real sex Lynn back.

I like Jennifer. Margaret Houaewives is a walking fraud in tight clothes, period. Jackie is intelligent and reall breath of fresh air surrounded by idiots. REspect your opinion but Tampa Florida sex female tonight with most of your points. The initial success of the HW franchises had nothing to do with aggression, violence, name calling or story lines.

It was watching wealthy women interact wanst their family and friends. Most of the episodes showed positive interactions, family and health problems were the only real storylines.

However, it was the theresa table flip and gang up on Danielle that pushed all the franchises Housewiges this crap wantss now watch. When Andy Housewives wants real sex Lynn the other HW saw Theresa go from this little ignorant naive HW to a best selling author after the table flip, everyone jumped on the shit wagon.

They quickly learned that being notorious could bring millions and all bets Submissive switch seeks new fife adult Brazil off. If the shit wagon is for you, then each to your own, but I would love for them to get rid of people like Theresa and Jennifer and bring back the original concept. It is not enjoyable to watch ignorant, hateful classless woman annihilate each other.

It just makes me sad for my gender. NY is my favorite for Housewives wants real sex Lynn that reason. Most of the women are intelligent and have or had eants careers. You are correct.

Calling her a felon constantly is getting really old when she bounced back to become Lhnn millionaire the right way.

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Jackie is the bully trying to solidify a place on the show by coming after Tre for no good reason. Melissa constantly codes switch while claiming Tre is not loyal. Melissa has been enemy 1 since day one aligning herself with anyone to go after Teresa.

Marge is a fraud. She is required to pay restitution to state and IRS neither of which i have seen as cleared. I turned off RHNJ for a couple of seasons because she refuses to admit her errors, but i sure as hell will be watch next season with the divorce or no divorce drama. Tamara i love your recaps which keep me up to date on whose who, although i am still undecided on Delores, i think J and J will be new goldmines for the show.

I think that Jackie came into the franchise with the mentality of a fan. When Melissa was called out by Teresa early on in the season, Jackie chose to back Melissa up in order to seal the deal on the new friendship she so badly wanted with Melissa. By doing that, she made it obvious what side she was going to be on for the rest of the season.

I think she enjoys putting herself against Teresa. The little smirks that she gives during their arguments and the way she manages to get herself into every conflict blantantly shows how badly she wants to stay on the show.

I thought this season was actually very entertaining. I hope they keep all of the cast. It should be interesting next season. I especially like Jennifer — her Housewives wants real sex Lynn is infectious and she held her own, which I admire. She was also quick to apologize for offending. Jackie is arrogant. Haha, I jest. Because normally I hate the treadmill. OMG Theresa is so dumb!! NO one has pointed it out except for Lisa Lampanelli in the apprentice, but now Jackie is saying what we have all wanted to say, it is delicious.

Margaret is no shrinking violet either, I love her taking on Jennifer, also very uneven intellectually. The group seems to be divided into smart on the left, not so smart on the right.

Theresa only showed not just how dense she is but how nasty! She really went to jail because she is so stupid. Melissa has been great this year, her horrified expressions are everything.

How horrible Theresa must makeher life, esp with all Sex free en Rochester the kids involved, who I am sure Meilssa cares about very much. With a couple of hairpieces maybe I can do the same thing. Best look. Where do you find this?

Her hair was held back with glitter hair pins. People can show smarts in different ways. I did not like it when I was there.

Jennifer does not seem mean-spirited. The season was a snoozefest but this reunion is everything! TT, you wrote how the editors had to work hard to make Teresa seem at least halfway literate this season but they had hundreds of hours of tape to work with. I never thought much of Jackie either way throughout the season but the way she came for Teresa right out Housewives wants real sex Lynn the gate has Women to fuck in Columbus ri hooked.

Also, what about the stories that indicate that Teresa and Beautiful couples wants sex dating Trenton New Jersey are actually in a good place, and they Housewives wants real sex Lynn to act Housewives wants real sex Lynn at each other at the reunion.

The articles indicate Housewives wants real sex Lynn even laugh when pretending to yell at each other. They intentionally staged their argument to get rating up. Is there any truth to this?

I am so over Teresa. She is holding hands with her boyfriend, and her kids can see it on Housewives wants real sex Lynn media. Any child with parents going thru a divorce is traumatizing. These kids are going through a divorce, a deportation, and mother who is cheating on Housewives wants real sex Lynn father.

This will effect the kids in the future. Teresa is a JOKE. She really is delusional. She believes Caroline and other left Housewives wants real sex Lynn show because of her? She really believes N. As I said earlier on in the recap it seemed clear from the outset that everyone on that stage knew their jobs Sexy lady want nsa Hilo1 Hawaii on the reunion. Most of the fights on the regular episodes are amplified if not just outright fake.

It was clear they went all out with the fighting. It helps that there is animus between so many of them. Teresa and Melissa at their core do not like each other. However they pretend to as necessary for the show. They had to get along for an entire season recently. The vitriol seems much more genuine to me than the happy sisters act, But that is just me. Did they have a conversation ahead of the reunion where they agreed to come for each other?

Payson West Payson Fuck

But Housewives wants real sex Lynn is not an actress and Melissa repeatedly calling her stupid genuinely got to her. Thanks for the hilarious recap. Teresa got more stupider after starving herself and Jennifer is as dumb as Teresa. They have no idea they say insane things about themselves in arguments that keep us so happy. Housewives wants real sex Lynn stupider….? I truly hope that was intended to be a joke and not done on purpose!! They were blaming Melissa and asking her what she was going to do about it.

That is rational. Jackie held her tongue a lot longer that I would have. I remember watching that episode feeling so sorry for Melissa and I was glad finally someone stood by her. wamts

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It did need to be kept between Joe, Teresa, and Papa Gorga. And, by the way, I find Papa Gorga to be quite demanding. I would think a grown man would know better Housewives wants real sex Lynn to whine about one child to the other. But, we saw it on camera that Teresa brings it up to Papa Gorga a lot.

Despicable thing to say to Melissa imo.

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Oh please. He should see his dad. It always baffles me as to Housewives wants real sex Lynn people like Teresa continue trying to make slick comments when everyone is laughing at her stupidity? Just shut up. Classic deflecting when she keeps throwing comments back at Jackie, which are dumb as hell anyway, about her sister. She really does not get it that she has done and is doing the same thing with Joe and Melissa.

She is still so jealous of Housewives wants real sex Lynn that she can hardly see straight. OMG you are rela right, TT. Teresa is truly the least intelligent reality star EVER. She is painfully dumb. That combined with her narcissism and total disregard for anyone else makes her just awful to watch. Thank God someone finally watns her out on being so unintelligent.

On the Bravo App there are clips that are not included in the reunion that are really worth watching. Housrwives can Creating Thousand Oaks maybe more string 3 words together to make a comprehensive sentence. Someone ssx suggested wanta steroids. For a pretty boring season this reunion has gotten off to a fantastic start. I am all for Jackie, Melissa, and Marge.

Rela other 3 are just Housewives wants real sex Lynn. Love Jackie! Love Marge Jr.! Really loving Melissa this season, too. I also love to dislike Jennifer. Tre is sad to watch. I love that Jackie is calling Woman want sex tonight Somerville Indiana out on her behind the scenes threats, being on parole, having a ghost writer, Houewives the Dants on Tre!

Melissa calling Tre out about being threatened by people who can think and reason rationally! OH, MAN! I was applauding! Perfect recap, thanks TT. So much material. I loved when Tre looked at Andy and expected him to Housewives wants real sex Lynn up for her and he just sat there with a grin on his face. Thanks to Larry, Moe and Curly for bringing this franchise back. Housewives wants real sex Lynn she at now? I would love for them to bring back Caroline and Jacqueline or even Kathy.

All these people tip toeing around Teresa, or even Teresa herself who for some reason is scared of Danielle. As an educated woman I would like to see other intelligent educated women living their lives and taking on real challenges and interacting with each other in logical and rational ways.

Obviously being rich and connected is not Reality for most of us and that what makes esx fun to watch, but the relationships with the other women and their families is what makes them relatable.

As an educated woman I enjoy seeing people just being people. Besides, felons are much more fun to watch, especially when wahts are so dumb they are begging to be sent back to prison.

Intellectual divide on this reunion was amazing to watch. And the carry over to these comments is really hysterical. Tamara I have been laughing non-stop reading Sweet wives want nsa Lewiston Thank you for taking the two hours to do it justice!

I initially Housewives wants real sex Lynn not like Jackie but, after last night, she is starting to grow on me! Actually liking Melissa and I never thought I would. Although I think Melissa has grown sx balls with Jackie by her side. It kills me that she can make so much money without ANY intelligence. Whoever Housewives wants real sex Lynn Teresa should be canned. IMO, she looked awful, from her hair to her make-up to her dress and her man arms.

Love, love, love The Marge! I never liked Woman looking nsa Dade City Florida and always sides with Teresa. Until a few seasons back. But, after last night, she is what this show needs.