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Thank you Candace for the editing.

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Mike Bradford was the happiest man walking this earth. In ten days he Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky marry Angela Wilson, his sweetheart, the love of his life, the woman with whom he would respect his vows and promises till death do them part.

Angela's bridesmaids would be her three best friends Betty, Christine and Dolly. The four were always referred as the ABCD's. Mike and Angela met during the wedding of his friend Paul to Betty. He was the best man and she was one Louisgille the bridesmaids.

They exchanged their phone numbers Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky soon started dating. A year later, both decided to tie the knot. Christine was living with her boyfriend Ron for a couple of months and she was waiting eagerly the day Ron would propose.

Dolly, on the other Amatuer horny women 72830, was changing boyfriends every six months. For the time being she was with Al. Mike's mom, Mary, never liked Angela. He knew about it Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky thought that with time everything would be ok. He considered it a certain type of jealousy that some mothers had against their daughters- in-law, thinking that they were stealing their sons Fucck.

And Mike was the only child.

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His father Josh was different. On the first day he brought Angela to his parents, Josh had told him.

Peter liked Mike the first time they met. Julie was a bit protective over her daughter, always looking for the best things for her. She asked Mike to buy a house because her daughter could not live Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky a rented one. Mike said that they would stay in his apartment and would buy a house, once they could start a family. Like for Betty's bachelorette party, only the four friends would celebrate Angela's party.

It would be held one week before the lovers exchanged their vows. The location was kept a secret. Have a seat. I know how you ij Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky these days, but take it easy," Betty encouraged him.

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Ih worry. Alone after five minutes, Mike walked to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water. He could see Betty on the patio; she was still on the Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky with her back facing him.

He filled a glass and wanted to go outside for some fresh air.

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When he arrived at the back-sliding pussiees which was half opened, he could hear Betty talking even if she was speaking softly, almost whispering. Don't forget that we'll also need to pay for their trip charge to Elmer Davis and back.

Don't forget that only three of Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky are sharing all the cost. We can't let Angela contribute a single cent, it's her party. Two guys are enough. I'll do all the shopping on Saturday morning. Ok I Kentkcky to go now.

Mike is here to meet Paul. Seconds later Paul walked down the stairs. Back to his apartment, Mike thanked himself for having been able to keep his cool in front of Betty. He knew she was talking about the bachelorette party. It would be one girl's night.

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He was wondering who the two guys were and what would be their roles. The girls would rent a cottage by Elmer Davis Lake, north of Georgetown.

And the two guys would come from Louisville. He closed his eyes for five Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky, working it out in his brain. When he opened them, he knew Louisfille he had to do. He took his laptop, logged in and searched for a tracking GPS device. He went through all types that were available and decided on the right one with all the features he was looking for.

He purchased one on line with express delivery. Mike's phone rang.

Why are you asking? Betty called and told me how worried you looked today. And I love you as much as you love me. You are and will be my only woman till I die. We have been exclusive and Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky keep my vows and promises too.

I get the feeling that Our future depends on it. Building a relationship and having a future together is like building a house. If the base is not solid, it will collapse. The base here is love, trust, fidelity, communication, truth, caring for Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky other and above all, respect. Do you have any doubts? Don't you trust me? I only wanted you to know what I expect in our relationship as a married couple.

We are a match made in heaven. As soon as Angela hung Huge thick cock 4 woman only, she knew there was something wrong with Mike. He didn't reply with "I love you too" as he used to. His voice was different than normal.

Her phone rang, it was Betty.

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Just talked to Mike, I get the impression that there is something upsetting him. It's premarital anxiety.

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Everything will be ok once he's between your legs during your honeymoon. We'll all ride in my SUV Betty's SUV was in the driveway. He looked around and then slid under the vehicle.

The GPS was in a small leather bag which he fixed to the frame of the car with two cable ties. He then pulled on it to ensure that it was well secured.

Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky Once satisfied, he made his way to his car and drove away. Saturday morning, Mike was parked two blocks from Paul's house. His eyes were Close Ponce in tuskawilla on his android phone. Suddenly the small dot started moving. He started Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky car and followed her with a reasonable amount of distance between them.

She stopped first at a grocery store, then drove to a liquor store, then to pick up Christine and Dolly. Once in his apartment, he called Paul to know the time Betty was leaving in the afternoon.

Do you want to follow her? Wait, let me check with Betty.

The Bachelorette Party - Loving Wives -

Fifteen minutes later he put the engine on and followed Betty's Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky in the distance. She picked up Christine first, Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky Dolly and finally Angela. When she hit routeMike left a gap of meters between the vehicles.

When Mike saw the spot not moving, he knew they had reached their destination. He parked on the shoulder and waited. He called Paul, letting him know that something had come up and would not be able to come to his place as planned. At dusk, he started his car and drove slowly. He passed the cottage and could see Betty's SUV parked in the yard.

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The cottage was in the middle of a large plot of land on the waterfront and with trees on both sides. Fuck pussies in Louisville Kentucky parked his car in the woods some hundred meters away.

He took his bag, in which he had already packed what he would need. He walked to the cottage and hid behind a large tree.