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Do u wanna have fun tonight

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U couldnt have been more than 18 years old.

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Do u wanna have fun tonight

Add a Video. Add to List. Roudhouse Blues. Peace Frog.

The Celebration Of The Lizard. Soul Kitchen.

Build Me A Woman. When The Music Is Over. Bird Of Prey.

Rock Is Dead. An American Poet.

Bob heard the " wang chung " of Mary's guitar coming from the basement. Let's go get a couple of 40s and Wang Chung down by the river. I just sat down too fast and I wang chunged by balls.

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That sucks, do you want me to kiss them better? You're my sister! A band from the 's.

They made VH1's most awesomely bad songs at 3. Their song Everybody Have Fun Tonight was catchy for about 2 seconds.

The were one of the only bands with enough balls to put their own name into their one hit wonder of a song. Everybody have fun tonightEverybody wang chung tonight. Wang Chung unknown.

How do you make that "Wang Chung" sound? Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

, Roudhouse Blues, , Peace Frog, , Medley: Alabama Song/ Backdoor Man/Five To One, , The Celebration Of The Lizard, Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung song meaning, lyric which is, Okay you can do more movies, you can be sort of arty if you want, but you won't. girl: That sucks, do you want me to kiss them better? They are notorious for the phrase "Everybody Wang Chung tonight" from their famous song "Everybody.

A maneuver a person who fakes knowing martial arts threatens to unleash on an enemy. I don't know