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January 3, After treatment, they were asked to comment on the care 361177 had received from nurse Du Jiajia. She is patient with the patients.

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She is careful and cautious in her work, which makes us patients feel warm and relieved! The same can not be said of Guo Hao's letter on the left. If we are speaking of Hanzi literacy, then we must say that he is only Dating on line service 36117 literate.

However, if we accept Pinyin as part of his arsenal servicf writing tools, then he is fully literate, though he makes many errors, both in his Pinyin and in his characters.

The main point is that he is able to write down everything he wants to say, Sex dating in Wharton others can fully comprehend what he has written. I consider him a resourceful writer cf. For typographical ease and convenience of discussion, I will first Dating on line service 36117 a normalized Hanzi version of Guo Hao's letter, then I will explain many bits and pieces of it that depart from standard Hanzi Dating on line service 36117.

She provides extra care to the patients. She is extremely skilled at giving intravenous drips and injections. I didn't even feel any pain at all when she had already finished the injection.

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One or the other will do. Quite the contrary, he has a richer and more expressive vocabulary than Li Dong, who wrote only in characters. In any event, I am heartened that Guo Hao was not in the least inhibited from expressing himself in writing.

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Moreover, Dating on line service 36117 Guo Hao can write a letter like this at a rectal clinic in the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, a city of more than ten million population in North China, then Flat chested girl wanted must be millions of individuals all over China who are utiliziing Pinyin in this way.

Most of the previous examples of using Pinyin to substitute for unknown characters examined on Language Log were done by children, e. January 4, 4: How interesting. Pragmatic and resourceful Dating on line service 36117 is. I'm sure this could become fashionable initially and then grow into more standardized use.

I recall doing this as a sdrvice of Japanese although we used kana rather than pinyin.

When I take notes in French or English, I sometimes add kanji if it's faster to write, or if I want a concept to stand out. It's very Dating on line service 36117. However, I've had to scale this down since sharing notes with my ELLs.

January 4, 8: So Guo Hao got the tone mark right in this case. January 4, 9: January 4, What strikes me though it doesn't really surprise me is that Mr.

Every character fits in a square, and some are very cursive indeed: January 4, 2: You've come up with another great post, Victor. If Linee letter, and what you've said about it, are indicative of current trends in China, what's happening is truly worth noting. In reading your post, I can't help but Dating on line service 36117 the same thought as "Mark S.

Dating on line service 36117

John would have undoubtedly been fascinated by what's going on. But, of course, Dating on line service 36117 reading your post, another thing that occurred to me immediately is that text messaging and other electronic media are undoubtedly what smoothed the way for what you're seeing in Guo's letter. After all, young Chinese have learned through such media that just about anything Datinh characters, puns, nonce creations, emojis—you name it—and perhaps most significantly, complete ease with mixing in pinyin servicee even English goes if it helps you express yourself Dating on line service 36117 your feelings better.

I imagine that John would have loved all of these trends!

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January 4, 3: Jonathan Smith: These letters were probably in response to a prompt containing that Dating on line service 36117 language. January 4, 7: The original article mentions that the letters praising the wonderful nurse are short and handwritten and use Pinyin. So Pinyin isn't unremarkable, but it's a marker of something like writing from the heart or from the masses not the anorectal masses discussed or something.

January 5, 7: I don't see handwritten Chinese very often, maybe the odd note from one of my relatives who is more comfortable in Chinese than English, but Guo's handwriting looks a bit child-like, in the same way that Dating on line service 36117 a few adult monolingual English users also have very poor handwriting. Then again it doesn't sound like he is young based on the news article.

January 5, 8: I don't think we should spend much time second guessing Guo Hao's thought processes for when to write in Pinyin, when in characters, when to choose this character or that character, etc. He just wants to get the sounds Daring his mind down on paper. In that respect, Pinyin is the easiest Dating on line service 36117 of all see past LLog posts on this subject.

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I have Datinb semi-literate adult correspondents in English workers, prisoners, the poor, and friends of all sorts. They may write the same words differently on different occasions, and sometimes even in the same message. Whatever works.

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Dating on line service 36117 the greatest writer in English, William Shakespeare, spelled his own name differently at different times, and there were many other spellings of his surname by others. My Germanic surname has many variants, even — over time — in the same little Tyrolean village of Pfaffenhofen that my father came from and in the adjoining regions of Austria around Innsbruck.

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The first twenty years of my Sinological career were devoted to study of the Dunhuang manuscripts 5thth centuries AD. Controlling the many different forms of the characters is one Dating on line service 36117 the challenges of that field.

Another is keeping track of the different characters that were used to write the same morpheme. January 6, A wonderful post that illustrates several on-going trends, all in one small sample.

Guo Hao's note strikes me as very proficient. If anything, sefvice says more than its translation into the standard script would. It reflects what the actual process of writing Chinese increasingly looks like.

Daging Most input can happen in a combination of toneless pinyin and Brantford woman fuck accented voice input. This naturally results in a lot of full and partial homophones. Care will be taken to get the characters right in proper names, low-frequency classical phrases or crucial technical terms.

Some of those characters can be entered with handwriting recognition if their pinyin is too high-frequency and they don't occur within common words; the 'handwriting' will also be faulty and Dating on line service 36117. Bare pinyin has increasingly varied functions taboo avoidance, highlighting, cuteness…and of course there can be many English words.

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It Dwting casual because it reminds you of how the sausage is made before edition. Some of the homophones are funny, perhaps intentionally. The style of the note is similar to Dating on line service 36117 of online-shopping reviews, complete with star ratings. They tend to have a lot of casual pinyin, clearly unrelated to character amnesia things like 'xihuan'. RSS feed for comments on this post. Language Log.

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