NonFiction Portraits

Not just for weddings anymore!

Portraiture is a special class of photography.

In most families, the photographs which get handed down from generation to generation are portraits.

We make beautiful, simple portraits. With minimal direction and an emphasis on subjects' comfort, our portraits show people at their most natural.

Whether at weddings, other events, in a family setting, or working on a commissioned portrait project, we are passionate about creating meaningful portraiture.

Family Portraits

A Fine Tradition

You don't need a wedding for portraits to be important!

The plainspoken images we make are designed to communicate family relationships down through time.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating portraits that people love.

We make the process easy and comfortable. Studio or environmetal portrait sittings start at $350.

Why not make it a tradition?

Commissioned Portraiture

"Cocktails and Breakfast"

Just one of the ongoing portrait projects we've been working on.

"Cocktails and Breakfast" portrays filmmakers and screenwriters in town for interviews with Seattle film industry maven Warren Etheredge.

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