Destination Weddings

We often travel to document weddings and other special events.

There's not much that's more fun than getting your loved ones all to join you for your big day in some far-flung location.

As exciting as it is, it's also a big commitment, both financially and logistically.

For our destination weddings, documenting your special occasion is paramount to us. But we know how important your peace of mind is. You shouldn't have to worry about your photographers!

We are seasoned travelers and we well understand the special demands location photography places on us. We are prepared for any eventuality, and we handle the logistics seamlessly, gracefully.

And we deliver true-to-life images that capture the wonderful spirit of shared adventure destination weddings always engender.

Sarah & Alex

Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Your photographs far exceeded our highest expectations. We had spent endless hours looking for just the right photographer—someone who could capture the feeling of the wedding without a heavy hand, who could anticipate movement, scene and light, someone who could capture the touching as well as humorous moments that ultimately make a wedding memorable.

With you we found all this! You seemed to be both everyplace and no place at all—you were discreet to have been rarely noticed, yet now that the wedding has passed we often find ourselves looking through your photographs to see all the little moments we missed.

Our wedding wasn't the typical Saturday evening followed by dancing. It was an entire weekend at a remote location in Mexico, and we really appreciate the effort you made not only to be there, but to be at all the events.

—Sarah & Alex


Victoria & Nabil

The Pyramids, Giza

Cairo, Egypt

Thank you for the classiest and most artistic wedding photos we've ever seen.

We're delighted with the results and mostly loved having you here for the events.

Who you both are is what made it all special!


Peter & Jason

Highland Ranch

Mendocino County, CA

Amy and Scott are amazing! The photographs they created of our wedding are truly beautiful. Everyone we have shown them to has "oohed and aahed," and wants them to photograph every special occasion in their lives too!

Amy and Scott moved so seamlessly among us before, during and after the ceremony, we didn't feel like we had photographers there at all. They were unobtrusive, yes, but also fun and pleasant to be around! We remember with admiration how Amy and Scott handled portraits of the unruly in-laws — with the patience and charm of saints.

They demonstrated great sensitivity to the social dynamics whirling around them — the wonderful and crazy mix of families and friends — and recorded many joyful, authentic and funny moments, most of which we missed because we were so busy getting married!

While Amy and Scott's photos faithfully and beautifully document the events of our great day, they also manage to capture the joy, the light and the love. We are grateful to them every time we relive the day through their photographs.

—Peter and Jason


Jennie & Peter

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Tarrytown, NY

Scott and Amy approached our wedding with so much enthusiasm and a genuine appreciation for the importance of this event in our lives.

Their presence throughout was respectful and made us feel at ease.

And their pictures! They are wonderful — warm, creative, and infused with the rich colors and light that we felt ourselves that day.

They captured the natural joy on the faces of our families and friends and many delightful moments we hadn’t noticed ourselves.

We love looking at them.

—Jennie and Peter


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